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Green Oxen is an architectural solutions company providing an array of American made aluminum products that fuse function with modern design. Architects, interior designers, and home enthusiasts can rely on Green Oxen as a source for Eco-friendly, dependable, and stylish architectural products. Green Oxen aluminum is made from 100% recycled metal and each bolt and screw is assembled by hand to ensure the highest quality.

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Eco-Friendly Cove Lighting
Aluria Cove Lighting

The Aluria Cove Lighting System from Green Oxen is a powerful and simple-to-install solution for energy-saving lighting in offices, homes, businesses and hotels. The design creates a hidden aesthetic that is modern and casts a sophisticated reflective light that is soft, intimate, yet ubiquitous. Each fixture is custom built to fit any wall in any room. The industrial aluminum construction ensures a sturdy, seamless mount that disappears behind any room’s accents.

modern door system
Koli Modern Door System

Green Oxen is in pre-production of its Koli Modern Interior Door System. It will be available in satin silver or satin bronze frame finishes, coordinating perfectly with Vinson Baseboards. The infill options are truly endless! From back painted glass to all types of wood and laminate, the perfect accent to your environment can be achieved! It is even easier to install than a traditional door. This is the door of the future, and so far customers are stunned by its excellent elegance/cost ratio.

horizontal Railing
Epulum Railing

The Epulum Railing System by Green Oxen is an elegant design made primarily for stair, deck, and balcony railing. Its features makes it easy to install, but its aluminum core creates a muscular, sturdy railing. The lustrous finish of the railing compliments the ornamental design to bring a modern and sophisticated aesthetic to any project.

Aluminum Baseboards
Vinson Baseboards

Protect your walls against impacts with Vinson Baseboards by Green Oxen. Bring any room or hallway together with small, but powerful, visual details like baseboards that support the whole effect of tasteful design. The lightweight Vinson baseboards are easy to install, easy to clean, and easy on the eyes.

aluminum docks
Makula Docks

Named after the Makula Mountain in the Himalayas, the Makula Dock design by Green Oxen is a strong, aluminum-based platform for aquatic and land applications. The deck provides unparalleled grip and support and is meant for heavy use. Easy to install and maintain, the Makula Dock is a practical and sustainable solution that marries its high durability with its sleek appearance.

modern metal table
Green Oxen Tables

Green Oxen offers a line of metal tables in a variety of lengths. Each table is comprised of a combination of aluminum, stainless steel and quartz. They stand strong and immaculate and can be built to any length up to 12 feet. They are modern and minimalistic in  design are intended to blend effortlessly into a room’s aesthetic. Easy to clean and sturdy like a mountain, The Green Oxen line of metal tables are meant for heavy use and a lifetime of enjoyment.

Metal Cladding
Metal Cladding

From small to large scale metal cladding projects, email or call Green Oxen to discuss your project and your metal cladding needs. The Green Oxen facility is a 75,000 square foot building that houses our designers, engineers, metal workers, and administrative staff, but also scores of metal fabrication machines. We design a 3D render of the building and the cladding and then prefabricate the metal cladding just feet away from our 3D models.

green oxen' wind turbine
Sustainable Design

Green Oxen has installed a 75kw wind turbine to power its facility so that the company’s products can be produced from clean energy. The vertical axis wind turbine stands as a flag to our commitment to green design and a climate positive future. To take a closer look at the Green Oxen facility and how its designers and engineers work, please view the video below.