Makula Aluminum Dock

Named after the Makula Mountain in the Himalayas, the Makula Aluminum Dock design by Green Oxen is a strong, aluminum-based platform for aquatic and land applications. The deck provides unparalleled grip and support and is meant for heavy use. Easy to install and maintain, the Makula Aluminum Dock is a practical and sustainable solution that marries its high durability with its sleek appearance. Please call Green Oxen at (954) 791-1500 so that we can assist you. Color options are available.

The Makula Aluminum Dock is a premier product from Green Oxen Architectural Solutions built with the South Florida coastal environment in mind. The rust and stain resistant finishes are ideal for salt water exposure and heavy use. The aluminum & plastic planks of the Makula Aluminum Dock provide an extremely strong, corrosion-free, durable, and lasting interface between you and the water. Its thin support profile also can stay out of the water at high tide. At this time, we are not offering Makula Aluminum Dock for purchase online.

For more information, pricing, and to answer any questions you may have please call Green Oxen at (954) 791-1500 so that we can assist you.

Green Oxen is a metal fabrication facility which uses only recycled aluminum and is powered by renewable energy. If you have your own design for aluminum dock and will like to utilize our green materials, please give us a call and we will try and support your own green efforts.

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