With 30 years of experience, we think it’s safe to say we know a little something about aluminum. 

Green Oxen is a division of Automatic Manufacturing Systems (AMS), a company having brands focused on robotic automation and clean energy. We use our significant automated machinery capacity to generate high quality aluminum railings, baseboards, lighting and other products benefitting from precision design and manufacturing.  With this technology, we design clever architectural systems that maintain high standards while providing unique, modern, and attractive aluminum solutions to meet high-end commercial and residential needs. 
Located in Plantation, Florida, Green Oxen operates in a 75,000 square foot high-tech and clean facility that is powered by a 75kw wind turbine that stands as our flag of commitment to a climate positive future. Since our inception, we have quickly caught the eye of developers, homeowners, and builders that aim to amplify their property values through high-end sustainable products. Green Oxen uses domestically and ethically sourced and recycled materials and we recycle our leftover aluminum pieces to further lower our carbon footprint.