Benefits of the Latest Modern Railing Products

Home to over 165,000 people, Fort Lauderdale has become one of the Miami metropolitan area’s most popular cities for young families. It’s part of the reason behind the city’s significant growth in recent years and the move by large businesses to make Fort Lauderdale a key location for their organizations. The city now comprises over 60 neighborhoods, each with their own distinct appeal, and each valuable in creating a welcoming city for new residents.

One of the main industries within Fort Lauderdale is hospitality. With Fort Lauderdale moving beyond its tourist destination past and now becoming a cosmopolitan city in which hundreds of thousands live and work, the area is now a significant growth marketplace for hospitality organizations. This is highlighted by the fact that hotel companies are now buying towers in the city’s downtown core and updating buildings to suit the needs of business clientele and local visitors alike. It’s a key sign of Fort Lauderdale’s past growth and promising future. Another expanding industry in the area is telecommunications. Companies such as Hotwire Communications are moving into the area and creating hundreds of jobs for local residents as they seek to improve communications and entertainment availability to home and business owners.

The city’s growing status and its importance to the country-wide business community is part of the reason that Fort Lauderdale is now a leading hub for Green Oxen’s architectural products. Green Oxen works with local Fort Lauderdale homeowners to provide them with access to a complete range of architectural solutions. One of the core reasons so many local Ft. Lauderdale, Florida homeowners turn to Green Oxen for their modern Epulum Railing products is that the company is an architecture innovator. They understand the unique challenges facing local Ft. Lauderdale homeowners and the modern Epulum Railing product is a clear example of their commitment to innovation in this area.

The company’s modern Epulum Railing provides Ft. Lauderdale homeowners with an easy-to-install system that will enhance any stair, decking, or balcony area of their property. The unique lustrous finish of the modern Epulum Railing will complement any Ft. Lauderdale home’s décor. And, because the product is available in custom lengths, it can be used in a wide variety of situations and configurations. We will make it work for you.

It’s an example of the unique architectural solutions now available to local Fort Lauderdale homeowners through Green Oxen! To learn more about the products available and the benefits of choosing Green Oxen systems, call our team now at (954) 791-1500.

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