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Epulum Modern Aluminum Railing

Epulum Modern Aluminum Railing by Green Oxen is an elegant design made primarily for stair, deck, and balcony railing. Its features make it easy-to-install, but its aluminum core creates a muscular, sturdy railing. The lustrous finish of the railing compliments the horizontal design to bring a modern and sophisticated aesthetic to any project. Epulum Modern Aluminum Railing is unlike any other and the only place to find this unique solution is at Green Oxen.

Epulum Railing is offered in 5 foot assembled units with a selection of mounts. Fascia Mount, Wall Mounting, and Floor Mounting are options to meet your railing projects needs. If unsure of the mount best suited for your project or if you will like to place a custom length, please call Green Oxen at (954) 791-1500 so that we can assist you.

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Epulum Modern Railing by Green Oxen
Modern Aluminum Epulum Railing by Green Oxen
modern aluminum railing
Green Oxen Epulum Railing Modern Railing

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