Green Oxen Offering the Ideal Aluminum Railing Products for Florida Homes

Florida, the Sunshine State, is renowned for being a popular destination for retirees and for tourists visiting the state’s world-class amusement parks. With a population of just over 20 million people, the state is growing rapidly and quickly gaining a reputation for industries beyond its traditional economic centers of tourism and agriculture. The state is now home to many of the world’s leading multinational companies, including American Airlines, Exxon, and Microsoft, highlighting its impressive growth in various sectors in recent years.

Within Florida, one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy is real estate. With many miles of waterfront suitable for building in Florida, the state is home to some of the world’s finest waterfront properties and investors from across the globe are now turning to the state to seek out high growth potential opportunities for their portfolios. The state is also home to a fast-growing life sciences sector and over 79,000 Floridians are now employed within this area of the market. Part of the reason behind the growth of the life sciences sector in Florida is the arrival of numerous world renowned pharmaceutical and medical device firms. And Florida is now ranked 2nd by the FDA for the number and the quality of its medical device manufacturing facilities.

Its exceptional reputation for business growth is part of the reason that our team at Green Oxen has dedicated time and resources to building our brand within the Florida marketplace. Florida clientele respect our services because we’re considered one of the leading specialists for architectural solutions. We have a comprehensive product line that includes the leading aluminum railing products for the Florida market. Beyond our aluminum railing manufacturing expertise, Florida homeowners also select our services for architectural expertise and advice on how to improve the functionality of their homes.

Our expertise is the foundation to our expert manufacturing processes, which have yielded innovative products such as our aluminum Epulum Railing for the Florida home. The aluminum Epulum Railing fits seamlessly within any Florida home or condo project because it can be customized uniquely for the homeowner. It’s a product designed for optimal safety and aesthetic value on any stairs, balcony or deck. Our products can be delivered to a Florida home on short notice by our aluminum railing installation experts.

The team at Green Oxen is available to answer questions and help clients pinpoint their ideal architectural product! To learn more, contact our offices now at (954) 791-1500.

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