Made with 100% Recycled Metal
Built by Wind Power

Vinson Metal Baseboard

Safeguard your walls from contact with the Vinson Metal Baseboard by Green Oxen. Let each and every area come together with modest, but impressive, visual elements like designer baseboards that reinforce the entire effect of stylish, leading-edge design. The slender Vinson Metal Baseboard is effortless to install, simple to clean, and pleasant on the eyes. At $4 per foot, the Vinson Metal Baseboard is cost-effective and offers a polished alternative for any project budget.

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Freight for our metal baseboards differs from other merchandise deliveries due to their sizes. Green Oxen will cut your metal baseboard to your preferred size, but freight prices are a factor.  Green Oxen’s company policy include offering economical,  green merchandise, but freight prices are determined by our freight partners. While purchasing your Vinson metal Baseboard kindly consider these freight fees:

16’ baseboard = $300

8’ baseboard = $175

4’ baseboard = $30

Because of the way the baseboards are shipped, the cost for freight stays the same with any quantity. You could purchase a single baseboard or hundred and the shipping costs will be the same.

Aluminum Baseboards

Request a Complimentary Sample (1 ft)

If you are interested in receiving a complimentary 1’ portion of the Vinson metal Baseboard, complete this quick inquiry or call and ask to speak with a sales associate. You can feel the quality of the material and appreciate the construction and form of the Vinson Baseboard.

vinson aluminum baseboard

Vinson Metal Baseboards are engineered to be quick with any installation. If you will like installation specialists to visit your project and install the units for you, please give one of our customer support engineers a call and we will provide you direct installation service. No matter the fit, Green Oxen will supply and install Vinson Metal Baseboards that will exceed your expectations of what modern and practical baseboards can be. What makes Vinson Metal Baseboards unique is its modern design and aluminum composition.

Baseboards play an important role protecting the wall and floor of your room, but they also balance the room’s appearance.

A commonly said benefit of the metal baseboard is in the way it does not draw the spotlight, but how subtle it looks and how it enhances an area’s other accents, such as the room’s windows or art work. A metal baseboard is a nuanced detail showcasing a distinct, modern style.

The aluminum composition is easy to clean, is corrosion resistant, and hard to damage. For more information, special pricing, and to answer any questions you may have please call Green Oxen at (954) 791-1500 so that we can assist you.

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aluminum baseboard

Another unique feature to Vinson Metal Baseboards is its adaptability to feature lighting. The top portion of the baseboard contains an inverted ridge that can hold lights or a strip of lights. Such accents create an inviting and clean setting to almost any room. Vinson Metal Baseboards are for the home, office buildings, hotels, schools, public facilities and other areas of heavy use. Different colors and finishes are available to fit each owner’s taste. Vinson Metal Baseboards can also enhance LEED projects as its recycled content is high and has unmatched recycle ability. We are here to offer our customers a premium, unique, and memorable solution to their baseboard needs. You can order custom lengths and custom fittings by calling the Green Oxen facility and speaking with a customer support engineer. Give us a call or write us an email and let us answer your questions.

Key Benefits:

  • Resistant to Corrosion
  • Smudge-Proof
  • Cleans Easily
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Can Be Paint
  • Sleek Design
  • Simple Installation
  • Modest Pricing
  • Lighting Optional
aluminum baseboard

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