modern metal table

The Nevado The Nevado is named after Mount Nevado in Peru. It stands strong and immaculate and The Nevado table’s designers used it as inspiration. The Nevado is made of aluminum and quartz and can be cut to any length up to 12 feet. Its modern, minimalist design is intended to blend effortlessly into a room’s aesthetic. Easy to clean and sturdy like a mountain, The Nevado is a table meant for heavy use and a lifetime of enjoyment.

aluminum table

Hesperus The Hesperus is the 2nd table in Green Oxen’s line of long, sturdy, metal tables. It can be cut to any length up to 12 feet and if perfect for heavy use for a modern setting. Made of 100% recycled aluminum, the Hesperus is eco-friendly and is hand crafted and designed by Green Oxen designers. See the Hesperus being crafted together in the video below.

modern aluminum tables

The Colima The Colima Metal End Table is forged using 6061 aluminum construction with structural adhesive bonding to the table top. Named after the Colima Mountain in Mexico the sheer weight of the Colima Metal End Table gives a sturdy, permanent feel to any room. With minor assembly – only legs need to be attached with two screws per leg – the Colima Metal End Table can be yours.