Mitigate Your Risk

A railing system needs to meet an architect’s or stakeholder’s vision and of course be code compliant. What about the project’s underlying time constraints?  How it’s engineered, manufactured and installed are not so silent contributors to a project timeline.  But, can one get a sophisticated customized look and feel without risking the timeline?


A custom railing system can produce a totally unique one-off look, but the time, risk and cost to develop and engineer the system should not be underestimated. Epulum is pre-engineered, saving the development time and cost that would otherwise be sunk into a project with an unknown outcome. Inspectors and city engineers are much more likely to challenge the dependability of engineering calculations for a one off solution and just doing the calculations themselves take a substantial time chunk and involvement of other industry professionals. Unexpected project delays can be common when opting for a custom railing system since subcontractors may require more time to weld or fix quality control issues due to a rushed chaotic work environment.


Green Oxen’s pre-engineered Epulum modular railing system streamlines the process of navigating the nuances of retaining a high quality appearance without surrendering speed and customizability for a specific project.  Standard sections have engineering submittals already done.  Epulum’s proven and time tested assembly methods further remove risk and still offer a stylish, reliable, and predictable alternative. The Pre-engineered design is complemented by state of the art fabrication in our off site quality controlled environment providing building professionals with a customized, robust and durable railing system.   Delivering high-end results in shorter more predictable times…and Epulum is totally repairable over the life of the project leading to lower maintenance costs should any future mishap occur.  Check out our gallery for design ideas

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