The Koli Modern Interior Door System by Green Oxen

Introducing the first fully customizable modern interior door system. Check out the tabs below to learn what makes the Koli Modern Door System so distinct. The sleek design gives the door a frameless appearance that integrates seemingly into the Vinson Baseboards.

The Koli Modern Door was designed to be a holistic system, one that can give a frameless look to any room’s entrance. The door is available with a satin silver or satin bronze finish and it’s width or leaf is 2.5 inches thick. This thickness creates a substantial contemporary door look and feel.

The infill is not the only unique feature of the Koli Modern Door. The wide aluminum stiles are a sleek and sturdy frame, often a great contrast, but complement to the infill. The door jamb casing projects only 3/16” from the wall, creating a better use of the door’s space. This and other subtle improvements to door design make the Koli Modern Door stand out.

When conceptualizing the Koli Modern Door, Green Oxen designers wanted to engineer an entire system so that everything works together and nothing is needed from a 3rd party. The Koli Modern Door kit will include concealed hinges for when opening up to 135° and multi-link hinges are available for 180° opening. The mortise lock comes standard and you will have the option to purchase the leaf with or without the infill panel.

The Koli Modern Door System comes with a rubber seal to be installed around the system’s perimeter. The door’s casing can be combined with the revealed Vinson aluminum baseboard to create a seamless modern wall design. Allowable wall thickness range from 3-31/32” to 5-1/32”. The Koli Door System installs after wall and floor finishing. Double doors are also available.

The real fun with the Koli Modern Door System is when choosing the infill for your door. There are a multitude of infill panel options that are stock offered by Green Oxen and infinite options for a requested or custom infill. The popular infills are glass, wood, laminate, prints on acrylic.

It is the early stages of the Koli Modern Door operation, but soon customers will have the option of uploading a photo to be printed on glass or even aluminum. The resolution will be up to 450 dpi, but only high resolution photographs should be considered. Even further down the line, Green Oxen will consider allowing customers to provide their own infill.

The Koli Modern Door’s top benefit is in its sophisticated, unique look, but beyond aesthetics, the door has functional benefits. First is in how easy it is to install. The self-supporting aluminum door jamb requires no shimming.

The sleek, extra clean look is not only due to the frame and infills, but also the lever & lock that has no escutcheons.

The Koli Modern Door may also be the most sustainable metal door created. It is the perfect door for high air quality requirements, no VOC’s are used in production. The Koli is easy to clean and maintain and it is a premier product from Green Oxen. As always, recycled aluminum is in the content and it is formed using machines powered by wind energy. The perfect addition to any LEED project.

The Koli Modern Door System is in production. An online ordering tool is below to help you configure your Koli Modern Door. If you have any questions, please use the contact form below or call Green Oxen at (954) 791-1500

Common Infills

Green Oxen uses recycled aluminum and uses wind energy to power the machines that form the Koli Door System

What is the Koli made of?

The Koli Modern Door is made of aluminum and the infill of your choosing.

Can I choose an infill of my own?

Yes, you can choose an infill that can be purchased by Green Oxen or one you already own and will like to send to Green Oxen engineers. If you will like to install your own infill, choose the “no infill” option on the Koli Configurator.

How do you install the Koli?

The Koli is installed like any other door and every component besides tools is included with your order. A video detailing every step of the installation will soon be posted to this page.

How long until I receive my order?

Unless you have placed a special custom order, you should receive your purchase within 1 week.

What if I want to return it?

If you decide you will like to return your purchase, we offer a money back guarantee for up to 30 days after you received your order. Customer must pay for return shipping.

How heavy is it?

The Koli Modern Door is heavier than a wood door, but with the aluminum composition, the weight is mitigated. The total weight is 100 pounds.

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