Big Interior Doors

by Green Oxen

Introducing the first fully customizable modern interior door system made here in the USA.

Designed to help increase your property value, Green Oxen doors are tailored to your aesthtic and needs.

Inquire now to find out how you can customize  any size door for your project.

Common Infills

How It Works

We are committed to an eco-friendly solution. Green Oxen uses recycled aluminum and wind energy to power the machines that form the Koli Door System.

What is the Koli made of?

The Koli Modern Door is made of aluminum and the infill of your choosing.

Can I choose an infill of my own?

Yes, you can choose an infill that can be purchased by Green Oxen or one you already own and will like to send to Green Oxen engineers. If you will like to install your own infill, choose the “no infill” option on the Koli Configurator.

How do you install the Koli?

The Koli is installed like any other door and every component besides tools is included with your order. A video detailing every step of the installation will soon be posted to this page.

How long until I receive my order?

Unless you have placed a special custom order, you should receive your purchase within 1 week.

What is your return policy?

If you decide you will like to return your purchase, we offer a money back guarantee for up to 30 days after you received your order. Customer must pay for return shipping.

How heavy is it?

The Koli Modern Door is heavier than a wood door, but with the aluminum composition, the weight is mitigated. The total weight is 100 pounds.

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How Does The Koli Modern Door Install?

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