Epulum Grid Railing



Epulum Grid is offered in 5 foot assembled units with a selection of mounts. Fascia Mount, Wall Mounting, and Floor Mounting are options to meet your railing projects needs. If unsure of the mount best suited for your project or if you will like to place a custom length, please call Green Oxen at (954) 791-1500 so that we can assist you.



Epulum Grid railing offers an alternative to the horizontal design with a precise constitution for maximum see-thru capability without sacrificing the robust strength of Epulum Railing. Using a combination of straight angles and curved edges, Epulum grid railing is crafted with intricate detail to ensure safety of users at the same time promoting a beautiful aesthetic. If you will like to see compositions of your railing area with Epulum Grid railing please email us your photos at [email protected]

Aluminum Grid Railing
Aluminum Grid Railing
Modern Aluminium Railing

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Weight 30 lbs

Black, Bronze, Silver

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