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Protect your walls against impacts with Vinson Aluminum Baseboards by Green Oxen. Bring any room or hallway together with small, but powerful, visual details like baseboards that support the whole effect of tasteful design. The lightweight Vinson aluminum baseboards are easy to install, easy to clean, and easy on the eyes. Boards are sold at 4 feet, 8 feet and 16 feet lengths. For customer cutting, please contact Green Oxen.

Price: 16 feet = $64, 8 feet = $49, 4 feet = $29

Shipping: 16 feet = $300, 8 feet = $75, 4 feet = $30

Shipping Costs are to the U.S and the prices are regardless of the units ordered. One 16' board or one hundred 16' boards cost $300 to ship.

Mounting clips included.



Aluminum Baseboards Baseboard Lighting Vinson by Green Oxen

Vinson Aluminum Baseboards are engineered to be quick with any installation. If you will like installation specialists to visit your project and install the units for you, please give one of our customer support engineers a call and we will provide you direct installation service. No matter the fit, Green Oxen will supply and install Vinson Aluminum Baseboards that will exceed your expectations of what modern and practical baseboards can be. What makes Vinson Aluminum Baseboards unique is its design and aluminum composition. Baseboards play an important role protecting the wall and floor of your room, but they also balance the room’s appearance. The aluminum composition is easy to clean, is corrosion resistant, and hard to damage. For more information or to answer any questions you may have please call Green Oxen at (954) 791-1500 so that we can assist you.

vinson aluminum baseboard
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16 feet, 4 feet, 8 feet

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