Sustainable Living Is Our Passion

Green Oxen practices an eco-friendly philosophy and has since the company was founded by brothers, Jamie and Alex Schlinkmann. Green Oxen operates in our 75,000 square foot facility that is powered by a 75kw wind turbine which stands as our flag of commitment to a climate-positive future.  The hallmark of the brand is that we only use recyclable material to create our product line including railing, doors, lighting, and baseboards.

The founders got started in the wind power industry and have developed this passion of generating sustainable products that are contributing to the health of our environment.  In keeping true to this mission, all of our aluminum is domestically and ethically sourced and recycled. We also recyle our leftover aluminum pieces helping to lower our carbon footprint even further.

green oxen' wind turbine
Clean Energy
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Cove Lighting

Modern aluminum indirect wall Cove Lighting

Aluminum Baseboards

Aluminum Door Frames

Aluminum Railing

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