Our Factory

With 30 years of experience, we think it’s safe to say we know a little something about aluminum.

Located in Plantation, Florida, Green Oxen operates in a 75,000 square foot high-tech and clean facility.
A division of Automatic Manufacturing Systems (AMS) – a company having brands focused on robotic automation and clean energy – Green Oxen uses automated machinery to generate sustainable and high-quality aluminum railings, baseboards, lighting and other products benefitting from precision design and manufacturing. 


With a beautiful, soft, anodized finish, our aluminum makes it almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, salt, or snow – the first and only choice of metal for modern buildings.


Our factory enables us to produce the high quality and quantity of aluminum products our customers require for their projects.
From large scale residential developments to hotels and commercial properties, we design and manufacture everything in-house.

We use ethically and locally sourced aluminum of the highest quality. To help lower the carbon footprint even further, we recycle leftover aluminum pieces. We believe that our customers must be able to trust us, so we treat the environment, its resources and people by being conscious of the impact we have on it.


For decades, our highly skilled engineers have been working with the material they know best – aluminum.
Every Green Oxen product is engineered, developed, manufactured and tested for durability, weather resistance, color and touch to provide our customers with a visually appealing, yet safe design that has a lifecycle of at least 25 years.