Located in Plantation, Florida, Green Oxen operates in a 75,000 square foot facility powered by a 75kw wind turbine that stands as our flag of commitment to a climate positive future.

Following an environmentally friendly philosophy since the company was founded, Green Oxen uses domestically and ethically sourced and recycled material to make their products. This is a hallmark of the brand, which first started in the wind power industry. Green Oxen also recycles leftover aluminum pieces to help lower the carbon footprint even further.   

The clever, modular product design is expertly engineered and manufactured in the USA by robotic equipment for extreme accuracy and consistency. With this technology, Green Oxen is able to design high-quality architectural systems that provide unique, modern and attractive aluminum solutions to meet high-end commercial and residential needs.

All Green Oxen products meet LEED requirements and can be finished with different colors and applications.