The Koli Interior Door 


Introducing the first customizable modern interior door system. 

Intelligently designed to bring a modern design element to any room in the house, the Koli interior door brings a proper balance of clean lines and alignment, while simultaneously leaving some room for creativity and a personal touch.  

Like statement jewelry, but for the house.

The Koli modern door serves two purposes: it’s basic function as a room divider and a second one, providing a decorative and furnishing element to a room that communicates a personality and starts conversations.

The piece that allows for the most creative configurations in the Green Oxen collection of products, the Koli interior door comes with unlimited infill options. From frosted white glass for a modern bathroom, to printing your child’s artwork for a colorful playroom, the door is highly customizable, easy-to-install and low maintenance.

The Koli interior door is made of 100% ethically recycled aluminum, adding value to your property and defining sustainable luxury living.

The Koli interior door is a door that makes a difference.

Green Oxen is committed to sustainability. We use wind energy to power the machines in our facility and all of our products are made with 100% ethically recycled aluminum.

What is the Koli interior door made of?

The Koli interior door may be the most sustainable metal door created. The frame is made entirely of 100% ethically recycled aluminum and formed using machines powered by wind energy. It is a perfect door for LEED certified projects and high air quality requirements, as no VOC’s are used in production.

How heavy is the door?

A standard 9′ foot door weighs 100lbs.

What size and door options are available?

Our doors come in a 9′, 10′ or 12′ size range, however, we can custom design a door that fits your project. Doors we have designed in the past include double swinging doors, modern pocket doors and large barn style doors. You can select one of our infill styles, or create your own using our configurator (desktop only). You can visit our gallery to see more ideas and project photos.

Can I choose an infill of my own?

There are a multitude of infill panel options that are stocked at Green Oxen. These include glass, wood, laminate and various prints on acrylic. For a custom print, your image resolutions needs to be a minimum of 450 dpi.

What is included in my Koli interior door kit?

The Koli interior door kit includes concealed hinges for when opening up to 135°, or you have the option to purchase multi-link hinges for a 180° opening. The mortise lock comes standard or you have the option to purchase the leaf with or without the infill panel. The door kit also comes with a rubber seal to be installed around the system’s perimeter. The door casing can be combined with our Vinson aluminum baseboards to create a seamless and complete modern wall design.

Allowable wall thickness ranges frim 3-31/32″ to 5-1/32″.

Our configurator (only on desktop) shows all options. Should you have special requirements for your project, do not hesitate to reach out and we will make sure that you are satisfied with your custom door order.

How do you install the Koli interior door?

Upon placing your order, you will receive a step-by-step instructions manual on how to self-install the door, or you have the option to have someone from Green Oxen install it for you. The self-supporting aluminum door jamb requires no shimming and therefore, very easy to install. The sleek, extra clean look is not only due to the frame and infills, but also the lever and lock that has no escutcheons.

How long until I receive my order?

Project lead times vary, but typically you should receive your order within two weeks after placing your order.

What is your return policy on the Koli interior door?

If you decide that you would like to return your purchase, we offer a money back guarantee for up to 30 days after you received your order. Customer must pay for return shipping.

Build Your Own Koli Door.

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