Outdoor railing installations come with a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to durability and compliance. Take a look at these four important questions and how Green Oxen’s Epulum aluminum railing system addresses them:


What’s the environment? Constant sun exposure, salty air, hurricanes, moisture from the rain and snow are a few of the harsh conditions railings can potentially face.  To overcome this, Green Oxen uses only the highest graded architectural anodizing for Epulum railings. This gives them a ceramic finish and toughness in three color options: black aluminum, bronze aluminum and silver aluminum – the railings natural anodized color. We also have painted alternatives, should you want to paint the railing to any color of your choosing. Depending on your proximity to the coast, whether you are painting railings for indoor or outdoor use and if you are looking for a glossy, semi-gloss or matte finish, our experts can advise you on the correct option for your railing.

What traffic will the railing be exposed to? Our anodized finish process coats the aluminum forming a super hard damage resistant barrier that makes it extremely impervious to surface scratches and dents. Your railing can always be kept new, beautiful and easy to repair unlike other inflexible options such as wood.


What maintenance is expected?  Nothing is more simple than an occasional wipe down for your railing to last a lifetime. That being said, there is always an unforeseen accident or natural disaster and the impact on a welded or dedicated railing project can be devastating.  The benefit of our Epulum aluminum railing system is that it is a modular railing system that is completely repairable, allowing for the replacement of any single component without having to replace an entire railing project.  

What is the project budget? Can one get a sophisticated high-end look and feel without breaking the bank? The Epulum railing system is sold by the 5 foot section length and our facility ensures we deliver an elegant combination of robustness, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

From design consideration, code compliance, renderings, budgeting and on-site installation, our dedicated railing professionals can help you navigate the process from start to finish.

The Feel – Our Epulum aluminum railing system provides stylish security at its finest. We don’t settle for average, and neither should you. Our Epulum railings are engineered and carved from a solid piece of aluminum and they feel every bit as premium as they look. 

Maintenance – What will happen if you get hit with an unexpected natural disaster or accident and your railing is damaged?  In many railing projects, this means you need to replace the entire project. With our modular railing system, the railing is completely repairable and allows for the replacement of any single component without having to replace the entire project.

Corrosion – What are the materials of construction and how resistant to corrosion will these be in your environment?  Green Oxen’s painted and anodized aluminum finishes are great in harsh snow as they are in saltwater environments, offering the highest level of corrosion protection on the market today.

Durability – A railing system will likely face relentless use and abuse.  Our anodized finish coats the aluminum, forming a super hard damage resistant barrier. The interior of our horizontal railing is also engineered with a durable core, in comparison to some hollow alternative options.


Color – Our Epulum railing system comes in three anodized aluminum color options: black, bronze and silver. You also have the option to paint your railing in any color that you want. Depending on your proximity to the coast and if you are painting your railings for indoor or outdoor use, our dedicated railing professionals can guide you in choosing the appropriate paint for your railing.