5 Reasons To Pick Green Oxen

The Feel – Stylish security at its finest. Don’t settle for ordinary. Sleek, Elegant, Robust. Green Oxen’s Epulum railings are carved from a solid chunk of aluminum and they feel every bit as premium as they look.

Maintenance – What will happen if you get hit with an unexpected natural disaster or accident and a section or single component is damaged?  In many railing projects this will require scrapping the entire railing job.  At Green Oxen, our modular railing system is completely repairable and allows for the replacement of any component in the entire railing project. 

Corrosion – What are the materials of construction and how resistant to corrosion will these be in your environment?   Be sure there are not dissimilar metals that will result in a corrosive clash forcing continual attention and care. Green Oxen’s powder coated painting process and anodized aluminum finishes are great for harsh snow or saltwater environments, offering the highest level of corrosion protection on the market today.

Durability – Let’s face it.  A railing system will likely face relentless use and abuse.  Our anodized finish impregnates the aluminum forming a super hard damage resistant barrier.  And should the unforeseen disaster arrive you can rest easy knowing the railing is totally repairable without breaking the bank.


Color – Green Oxen offers our anodized finish in silver, bronze, and black.  Our powder coat process offers limitless possibilities with the flexibility to fit your vision seamlessly.

The choice is simple.  Easily Maintainable, Corrosion Resistant, Color varieties and Durability.  Reach out…We love to help people!

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