July 10, 2016 – Plantation, FL—For many years’ deck railings were an afterthought in deck construction. Installed primarily for safety reasons, bulky railings were considered a nuisance by homeowners who felt the rails blocked the view from their deck, and became eyesores as they aged. Green Oxen is pleased to announce the launch of new Epulum Railing, a product that addresses the concerns about traditional railings. Continue reading →

Plantation, Florida, Jun. 8, 2016 – Since its founding last year, Green Oxen has been on the cutting edge of eco-friendly home design accessories in the North Miami area. The Plantation-based company offers services including custom doors, railing removal and replacements, as well as lighting platform installation. Even though Green Oxen has only been around for a little more than a year in its current form, the founders of the company have extensive experience in the aluminum and renewable energy sector.Epulum Aluminum Railing | Modern Railing Continue reading →