Green Oxen Launches Contemporary Epulum Railing

Modern Railing

July 10, 2016 – Plantation, FL—For many years’ deck railings were an afterthought in deck construction. Installed primarily for safety reasons, bulky railings were considered a nuisance by homeowners who felt the rails blocked the view from their deck, and became eyesores as they aged. Green Oxen is pleased to announce the launch of new Epulum Railing, a product that addresses the concerns about traditional railings.

Modern Epulum Railing by Green OxenEpulum Railing is a contemporary railing designed to be both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. As a modular deck railing, Epulum offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of design and layout. Homeowners can place custom orders for pieces that fit unique patterns or designs on their decks, and Green Oxen will fabricate the pieces so they fit with the standard modules. Homeowners may use the pieces on flat surfaces around the deck, or even install modules as handrails for staircases.

As soon as the contemporary railing arrives, homeowners can begin the installation. The pieces are all preassembled, and require no glue or welding tools, enabling homeowners to complete the installation on their own. Green Oxen does offer installation services for homeowners who prefer a professional touch.

Contemporary Aluminum Railing By Green OxenAfter the pieces are in place, the homeowner has a beautiful, contemporary railing that will resist weather damage and maintain its appearance for decades. The aluminum pieces require very little maintenance, and they can be cleaned with a wet towel or a water hose. As an aluminum construction material, Epulum Railing can be used to enhance a project’s LEED status, and may be recycled.

Green Oxen’s Epulum Railing is a revolution in deck rail design and function. Homeowners will see the installation of the railing as an asset to their home, and not just another eyesore. Contact Green Oxen for product information.

About Green Oxen

Green Oxen Architectural Solutions has decades of combined experience designing and manufacturing high-quality products for home builders and construction companies. With the release of Epulum Railings and other consumer products, Green Oxen has taken steps to become a direct to consumer brand for home improvement and construction projects.

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