Top 5 Spaces to Install Green Oxen Horizontal Railing

Upgrading your living spaces with an affordable, luxurious, modern horizontal aluminum railing has never been easier. Green Oxen horizontal railing is a simple but innovative method to bring fluidity throughout your home offering clean sight lines lending itself to opening up spaces. Its sleek nature complements a variety of indoor and outdoor applications and enhances a diverse set of architectural styles. If that wasn’t enough, Epulum railing is modular, making it easy to DIY and providing a low-maintenance, high-quality option.

If you’re looking at sustainable ways to enhance or totally remodel your property, Green Oxen can help. Here are our top 5 spaces where Epulum enhances the space seamlessly.

1. Decks

Decks are one of the most popular places customers upgrade their project with Epulum horizontal railing. Our modern railing system “frames the dream” with an uninterrupted view of your outdoor oasis. As an added benefit, it is strong enough to stand up to environmental extremes such as harsh northern winters and the corrosive environment of the Caribbean sun and coastal saltwater. We back our product with a 25 Year Warranty.

2. Balconies

Balconies can often feel confined with the standard vertical railing. Modern horizontal railings open up balcony spaces to create an unobtrusive experience so you can soak up the surrounding garden, mountain, or waterfront view. Balcony railing’s first job is to be a safety fall barrier. It is inherent in the product’s function. The metal thickness of our walls provides for a more robust product.  It is repairable so it can always be maintained in an “as new” state whereas when other systems fail the owner lives with it until it is dangerous enough to mandate action.  We use the highest level of anodizing which maintains structural integrity.

3. Waterfront Railing

If you have a waterfront property, railing may be a part of the building code to keep everyone safe. Until now, “safe railing” has been unsightly and required a lot of maintenance. Epulum is the industry disruptor. Not only does it provide a safe option so that owners feel confident, but we use top of the line corrosion-resistant finishes that withstand the test of time while honoring the high-end aesthetic Green Oxen is known for.

4. Interior Staircase

Green Oxen Railings are the finishing touch of a polished staircase look. We are always pleasantly surprised by its versatility every time it is installed. By creating sophistication that pulls every room together, our railing is every interior designer’s dream.  Putting a little inspiration and investment into this area can help open up space and create flowing light that contemporary living demands.

5. Entrances

Epulum is responsible for producing striking entranceways across the nation.  With its modern aesthetic, robust design, and carefully crafted infills, GROX railing has made its way to the gateways of high-value properties forever altering its curb appeal. The beauty of our railing is that you can choose a range of looks to match your exterior with your interior themes. 

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