Top 5 Spaces to Install Green Oxen’s Horizontal Aluminum Railing

Upgrading living spaces with horizontal aluminum railing is a great option for those looking to achieve a modern, yet luxurious look. Green Oxen’s horizontal railing is a simple, yet innovative and affordable method to bring fluidity throughout the home with clean sight lines that lend themselves to opening up your space. The sleek nature of the railing design complements a variety of indoor and outdoor applications , while simultaneously enhancing a diverse set of architectural styles. The modular railing system also provides a low maintenance and high-quality railing solution that is easy to install and easy to repair yourself.

If you’re looking at sustainable options to enhance, remodel or build a new property, Green Oxen’s aluminum products are a great solution for residential and commercial properties that fuse function with modern design.

Below are five spaces where our Epulum aluminum railings enhance the space seamlessly:

1. Decks

From dinners to live music, sleepovers and game night’s with the kids or just a night out with friends, decks are a place of gathering inside a lot of people’s homes. To make the space even more inviting, Green Oxen’s aluminum horizonal railing system can “frame the dream” with uninterrupted views of your outdoor oasis. As an added benefit, the modular railing system is strong enough to withstand environmental elements such as salt, snow, frost, rain and sun. From the below freezing temperatures of New York, to the rain of the Pacific Northwest and the coastal saltwater and Caribbean sun of South Florida, Green Oxen’s Epulum aluminum railing is a great option that also comes with a 25 Year Warranty.

2. Balconies

Balconies are often constructed with the standard vertical railing, but more and more property developers and new construction buildings have been using horizontal railings to open up balcony spaces and create more open environments in a way that vertical railings confine. Horizontal aluminum railings on balconies provide a new experience to soak up the surrounding gardens, mountains and waterfront views.

As with all railings, the first function is to be a safety fall barrier and this is inherent in our product’s design. The thickness of the aluminum wall and the core of the railing provide a more durable product in comparison to some alternative hollow options. In comparison to wood, the Epulum modular railing system is incredibly easy to repair and replace should there be hurricane damage or any other natural disaster. We also use the highest level of anodizing and this maintains the structural integrity of our design.

3. Waterfront Railing

If you have a waterfront property, railing may be a part of the building code to keep everyone safe. Many property owners, however, associate “safe railing” to be unsightly with a lot of maintenance required. Our Epulum aluminum railing changes this perception and allows home owners to feel confident that the railing is safe, while also being visually appealing. By using top of the line corrosion-resistant finishes, paired with quality engineering and design, Epulum aluminum railing sets the standard for modern and sustainable design.

4. Interior Staircase

When building a balcony, deck, porch or stairs, railings are not optional. With stair railings in particular, balance and stability is important. Our Green Oxen Epulum aluminum railings provide this stability, as well as add a level of sophistication that pulls everything together for a modern home. Not only do our aluminum railings help open up space and create flowing light, but their versatility allow them to be installed on a variety of different interior and exterior surfaces without compromising on safety.

5. Entrances

With its modern aesthetic, quality engineering and design, carefully crafted infills and sustainability factor, Green Oxen’s Epulum aluminum railing system has made its way to high-value properties and commercial developments across the the world looking to increase property value and realize their vision through artfully designed products.

Why risk project outcomes? Know what you’re getting with Green Oxen.