Risdon On 5th – Premier Condos

This creatively designed, mixed-use condominium development is setting the new standard for design and award-winning architecture designed by yours truly! When Crowley Construction confirmed our involvement with this project, our team of seasoned engineers and designers began working together on the renderings and technical specs for over 2000 linear feet of custom railing. We knew this would be a stunning condominium and providing the modern horizontal railing would make a positive impact not just on the visuals, but also in the pocketbook of buyers looking to invest.

Risdon on 5th is located in Sarasota’s Rosemary District, the hottest area of downtown Sarasota, Florida. With 22 residences overlooking the Sarasota Bay, Green Oxen balcony railings are a staple in each unit and surround the entire property. With an unobstructed view from each room, horizontal railings turn these units into an artfully designed home for those who appreciate affordable luxury living.

In addition to the balcony railings, we also outfitted other areas of the property such as the rooftop pool where we designed both horizontal and vertical tubes to create a robust and visually pleasing atmosphere.

horizontal raililng
Rooftop pool area

To make this property even more unique, we created custom gates and doors made of aluminum for the dumpster area adding an elegant touch to a not so pretty element.

Custom dumpster gates
Custom Door

No project is too big or too small for Green Oxen.

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