A Railing With A Waterfront View

Picture this: 4 years ago you started planning to custom-build a new house. Since then, you’ve hired an architect and interior designer to make your visions come to life. Just as your lifelong project is finalizing, you look outside of the bay window out to your waterfront view and realize, you need railings. You talk to a few contractors and railing companies and they all offer you a cheap solution that just doesn’t host the same synergy of the immaculate home you took the time to perfect. You take your search to Google and land on a modern railing page called Epulum Railings by Green Oxen. You do some reading to find out that not only are they sleek, easy-to-install, and sturdy, but they are also eco-friendly, modern and weather resistant.

So, your next move is to fill out a form and request a quote to which you receive a response from one of Green Oxen’s sales engineers that will help walk you through the options and ensures you get the very best for your home.

If you are in the market for railing and you want something that you can’t just buy at a major mass-market home, but it is still an affordable and modern option, consider the Epulum modular aluminum railing system.

Green Oxen Modern Architectural Solutions

One of our newest customers, Gabriela, had the following situation:

She had been planning and designing her new home in Brick, New Jersey for 4 years. She wanted everything to be perfect. She hired a local architect, Richard Tokarski, who had a visionary eye and impeccable taste for a rich aesthetic as well as practicality. They landed on Green Oxen Silver Epulum Railings which once installed, brought her property to life while simultaneously raising her property value and keeping her waterfront view unobstructed. After speaking to her, we found out that a big draw to the railings, other than their appearance and durability, was that they are eco-friendly and made in the USA. She ended up surrounding her home with our railing and we wanted to share with you the final result.

Why risk project outcomes? Know what you’re getting with Green Oxen.