If you have gone through the trouble of designing a living space with prominent large doors, do you really want any of them to be average? We don’t either.

Created with a nod toward modern simplicity and clean lines, our Koli modern aluminum doors offer a rich breadth of upscale interior doors that’s popular among interior designers, artists and other like minded people. The Koli aluminum door system makes it simple to realize your project’s vision with 9’, 10’ or other custom sized doors. In addition to this, the Koli door is customizable on both sides with the infill of your choosing. Wood, frosted glass, mirrors, acrylic and more, make an impactful design statement in your home. Combined with the artistry of our anodized aluminum framing technique, the Koli modern interior doors take statement to the next level.

How do we do it?

  1.     Pick an infill to suit your project (get in touch with us to see options and configurations, or print your own)
  2.     Share your door specifications with one of our experts, and get a quote. 
  3.     Receive your pre-assembled, installation-ready custom interior door.

Green Oxen’s Koli door brings a modern perspective to the standard door. With a distinct look that has the ability to compliment your project’s vision, the Koli modern aluminum door system makes it easy to create and customize oversized interior doors for a variety of home styles. 

More often than not, railing is an afterthought with residential and commercial properties; however, railing is often the feature that defines a home or frames a building. A good example of this is the Fendi Chateau building in Surfside, Florida. Its wavy glass railing is arguably the more characteristic aesthetic.

If you travel further across from the private villas of Altos Del Mar on the famed Collins Avenue, you’ll find a series of boutique condo buildings where each building is characterized from each other by the railing.

Below are 7 benefits of our modern railing:

Visibility: Meeting all safety codes, the Green Oxen railing has perfectly spaced cylinders that offer support and allows for an unobstructed view. Our customers have used Epulum modern railing for balconies that overlook the ocean, to yard fences so as to see the greenery of their neighborhood. Our modular railing system also comes with glass, horizontal, vertical, cable and grid railing infills.

Design:  The look and function of the railing was designed to be modular so that it can be applied to almost any space. When asked why the particular design was produced, the chief designer said: “We were aiming to make railing that could be noticeable and invisible at the same time.” It may sound like an oxymoron, but Epulum modern railing does do just that. It allows for transparency but, also a sophisticated sleek look that when it is noticed, it is remembered.

Feel: The top railing may be the most important feature in the Epulum modern railing because it is where we interact with it. The circular design is appealing to hold in the hand while you stand next to the railing to enjoy your view. The anodized aluminum never becomes too hot or too cold to the hand. The Epulum modern railing system is also engineered with no sharp corners, only smooth circular aspects to be durable and stable with heavy use.

Corrosion Resistant: There is a reason Epulum modern railing was born in South Florida. It was engineered to be in close proximity to saltwater and not corrode. The railing is made with 100% ethically sourced and recycled aluminum and is treated to be usable in any environment.

Maintenance: The anodized aluminum is incredibly low maintenance.

Unique: The railing is unique because of the circumference of the rails and the shape of its vertical frame.  Any residential or commercial space can improve its aesthetic, functionality, sustainability-level and individuality with Green Oxen railing.

Strength:  The unbending aluminum is light but secure, and it’s sustainable. Green Oxen staff are designers, but engineers to their core and this is reflected in the quality design and engineering of any Green Oxen product.


Epulum Railing + AquaVue

Featuring eight sophisticated waterfront residences with private boat slips and our Epulum aluminum railings, AquaVue is modern living in paradise. With breathtaking downtown skyline views and sleek waterfront living on the Intracoastal Waterway, AquaVue is just minutes from Las Olas Boulevard and Fort Lauderdale Beach. 

modern railing for condos

Green Oxen’s Epulum aluminum railings add a modern and elegant accent to the condominium, making it a perfect choice between style and functionality. The railing is weather-resistant to the saltwater environment that is common in costal cities, and if damage does occur due to a hurricane or large storm, the Epulum railing system is modular in that you can easily repair a single component without having to replace the entire railing project.

When Hurricane Irma made landfall in the United States, the Florida Keys were hit first and suffered the worst damage in the country. The September 2017 storm first hit Cudjoe Key as a Category 4 hurricane with hurricane stained wind speeds of close to 150 mph and an estimated storm surge of at least 10 feet. The storm was massive and pummeled the Florida Keys with 12 inches of rain, heavy wind and reports of tornadoes. A number of our customers with homes in the Keys expressed how impressed they were with Epulum railing’s weather resistance.

hurricane railing
hurricane aluminum stair railing
hurricane railing

This house is directly next to the ocean and sustained damage to the land and building. The Epulum railing on their balcony and stairs that externally connect the two floors were in “excellent condition”. The homeowner also noted “haven’t seen a scratch or corrosion of any kind.”

hurricane railing

Another customer in the Keys noted that they expected the railing to vibrate with the high winds, but was surprised how “steady” and “unmoving” the Epulum railing handled the hurricane storm.

keys railing
hurricane railing

Florida is the 3rd most populous state in the country, with over 20.2 million people calling it home. Florida’s history is reflected in its modern culture blended with the state’s Latino, African, and Native American influences on areas from architecture to its rich culinary experiences. Florida is renowned for its amusement parks, and is home to Disneyland and Universal Studios, two of the most popular entertainment destinations in the world. Continue reading →