Introducing: The Koli Modern Interior Door

If you have gone through the trouble of designing a living space with prominent large doors, do you really want any of them to be average? We don’t either.

Created with a nod toward modern simplicity and clean lines, our Koli modern aluminum doors offer a rich breadth of upscale interior doors that’s popular among interior designers, artists and other like minded people. The Koli aluminum door system makes it simple to realize your project’s vision with 9’, 10’ or other custom sized doors. In addition to this, the Koli door is customizable on both sides with the infill of your choosing. Wood, frosted glass, mirrors, acrylic and more, make an impactful design statement in your home. Combined with the artistry of our anodized aluminum framing technique, the Koli modern interior doors take statement to the next level.

How do we do it?

  1.     Pick an infill to suit your project (get in touch with us to see options and configurations, or print your own)
  2.     Share your door specifications with one of our experts, and get a quote. 
  3.     Receive your pre-assembled, installation-ready custom interior door.

Green Oxen’s Koli door brings a modern perspective to the standard door. With a distinct look that has the ability to compliment your project’s vision, the Koli modern aluminum door system makes it easy to create and customize oversized interior doors for a variety of home styles.