Discovering the Top Modern Railing Options in Florida

Florida is the 3rd most populous state in the country, with over 20.2 million people calling it home. Florida’s history is reflected in its modern culture blended with the state’s Latino, African, and Native American influences on areas from architecture to its rich culinary experiences. Florida is renowned for its amusement parks, and is home to Disneyland and Universal Studios, two of the most popular entertainment destinations in the world.

One of the fastest growing industries across Florida is agriculture. The state now employs 2 million people within the agricultural sector and it contributes $104 billion to the economy each year. Florida is also widely known for its tourism industry. The state brings in many thousands of visitors each year, who come to Florida to enjoy the beautiful beaches and family-friendly resorts. Tourism is now a $51-billion-dollar industry within the Florida economy and is set to grow considerably in coming years as new attractions drive further interest from all over the globe.

Green Oxen is South Florida’s leading company providing quality and high-end architectural solutions for residential and commercial properties that fuse function with modern and sustainable design. The company has a clear understanding of the challenges homeowners face and has introduced products such as the modern Epulum railing system, Koli interior doors, Vinson aluminum baseboards and the Aluria Cove lighting system, each unique in solving a multitude of design needs and bringing tremendous value to properties in Florida.

Local Florida homeowners choose the company’s modern Epulum railing system because it can be customized for the full range of homes in the area. The product is also designed to be easy-to-install and thereby, simplifying the job of integrating the railing system into your construction project. The product features a robust aluminum core, and offers a level of durability that few other modern railing products can match across the Florida marketplace.