Green Oxen Makes Statement with Designer Railing

August, 2016 – Plantation, FL –All over the world, homeowners and construction companies are turning to green building materials in order to address consumer concerns about sustainability. Green Oxen is pleased to announce their contribution to the market with their versatile metal railing.

Aluminum-Railing-Ft.-Lauderdale-and-FloridaGreen Oxen has roots in the wind power industry, but found its place in the market as an eco-friendly construction products manufacturer. In the last decade, Green Oxen prioritized the marriage of function and design, seeking to bring elegance to green construction. As a result, Green Oxen’s engineers launched a series of extremely popular products.

Green Oxen’s railing designs fill a crucial gap in the market. Before aluminum railings, deck rail options were generally limited to either glass, cable infill, or wood. Glass and cable infills were expensive for their function, and often failed to maintain their appearance after installation. Wood was a cheaper choice, but the constant maintenance and threat of warping or cracking left homeowners looking for a new material.

The Green OptionContemporary-railing-Ft.-Lauderdale-and-Florida

The solution was high quality metal railings. The Epulum aluminum railing balances Green Oxen’s production philosophy. The aluminum railing is LEED rated and widely considered an attractive green building material. In addition, the aluminum resists common outdoor corrosive elements, so the aluminum looks like new, even years after it was installed.

Easy Installation

Where the Epulum metal railing truly stands out is in its design. The railing comes in five foot units that are pre-assembled for easy installation. Though the five foot sections are standard, Green Oxen does have custom cuts and can design and engineer specialty rail sections to meet the design needs of any space.

Modern-Railing-in-Ft.-Lauderdale-and-FloridaHomeowners can choose from several different mounting options, including ground, wall, fascia mounts. For homes with stairs, homeowners may add stair units to compliment their horizontal units for a uniform appearance across the deck.

Green Oxen’s Epulum metal railings are popular for their affordability, versatility, and sophisticated design. The quality of the design is sure to continue to wow homeowners and builders for the foreseeable future.

About Green Oxen

Green Oxen Architectural has decades of combined experience designing and manufacturing high-quality products for home builders and construction companies. Green Oxen has taken steps to use only recycled materials, giving their customers green architectural solutions.

For more information, please visit or call (954) 670-0411.

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