Make A Statement with Green Oxen’s Modern Railings and Architectural Solutions

Aluminum Grid Railing

There are many different design elements that go into making a home look and feel luxurious. Outside observers might think of the size of the home or the paintings on the wall when they think of luxury, but some of the most overlooked aspects of a home can have a dramatic effect on how it is perceived by visitors. Green Oxen provides modern railings and other aluminum design options that are a perfect addition for any home.

Importance of RailingsModern Railing and Architectural Solutions

Railing design has come a long way since the wrought-iron spindles of the early 20th century, especially when you take into account the fact that they serve a very practical purpose in addition to being decorative. Installing a modern railings in your home can be relatively easy depending on what type of mount you want to use, though many people let a professional take care of the work for them. With the Epulum Railings line, you can have a beautiful modern railings installed on balconies, stairways, decks and more.

Elegant Accessories

The design team at Green Oxen did not stop at railings. Carefully crafted metal tables can make kitchens or dining rooms look sleek and stylish, while Vinson baseboards integrate aluminum into your walls to make them dent and ding resistant. For houses on the water, the Makula Docks line offers homeowners the chance to put in an aluminum dock, which resists both saltwater and freshwater much better than traditional wooden planks.

When it comes to lighting, most homeowners go with painted steel fixtures for both recessed lighting and stand-alone fixtures. With Green Oxen’s Aluria Cove Lighting platform, the lights are seamlessly contoured with the natural flow of your room. This type of lighting is not as harsh as traditional lights, which can flood a room with too much light.   

Modern Aluminum Railing By Green OxenHistory Matters

Green Oxen follows an eco-friendly philosophy, and has since the company was founded. Only using recyclable materials is a hallmark of the brand, which first started in the wind power industry. Through the years, the design team has come up with dozens of sleek designs for lighting and home accessories.

Functional elegance is an important aspect of home design, both for existing homes and new construction. While the railings, docks, tables, etc. in your home may not be the first thing you or your guests notice, simply upgrading them through an experienced architectural design firm can increase the value of your home while giving it a stunning look.

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