Green Oxen – Bringing Aluminum Deck Railing into the 21st Century

American Made Modern Aluminium RailingDecks, patios, and outdoor seating areas have been a part of American homes for hundreds of years, making them an integral part of culture and society. Unfortunately, traditional construction techniques have changed little in the last fifty years, leaving many decks and patios to look outdated and stale. Green Oxen seeks to provide a solution through the use of aluminum deck railing.

Epulum Railing

Contemporary Aluminum Epulum Railing
Green Oxen is proud to be the exclusive provider of Epulum aluminum deck railing.
Epulum railing is a revolutionary modular design that allows homeowners unprecedented control over the design and installation of their rails. You choose the length and the fittings, so your rails conform to your porch design.

The pieces are all created with ease of installation in mind. The kits are preassembled and ready for installation out of the box, without the use of glue or welding tools. All you have to do is anchor the pieces to the floor, wall, or fascia, and your installation is complete. If you prefer professional installation, Green Oxen can provide that service as well.

Green Oxen’s Epulum railing offers several immediate benefits to your home that are sure to catch the attention of your visitors.


Aluminum deck railings from Green Oxen bring old decks and patios into the 21st century with a sleek and sophisticated design that is certain to amaze your home’s visitors. Unlike wood, which can fade and often requires an expensive repainting every few years, Green Oxen’s Epulum Railing maintains its appearance for years to come. The clean metal lines are easy to clean with a water hose, and the aluminum will never develop ugly rust spots.

Safety Advantages

Wooden railings are prone to breakage and rotting, leaving your guests at risk for potential injuries if the railing should collapse. The weather resistant Epulum Railing stands up to extreme weather conditions, and corrosive atmospheres, like the salty beach air. When you install an Epulum Railing you know that your deck is safe, and your guests are well protected. Should you ever develop a problem with one of your modules, simply return it to Green Oxen for credit under the lifetime warranty.

Green Oxen

Epulum railing is an aluminum deck railing made from recycled materials, perfect for your LEED project or green home design. Contact Green Oxen today to learn more about your railing and other aluminum options.