More Than Railing. It’s Jewelry For Your Home.

One of our more recent residential projects was a gorgeous waterfront home in Fort Myers, Florida.  The owners started designing the home in early 2016 and after months of working with their interior designer and builder, they finally decided on a soft, contemporary style home.

Located on a corner lot overlooking the Deep Lagoon, this 10,000 square foot home boasts modern, high-end living to its core and is surrounded with our horizontal aluminum railing in anodized silver.

Green Oxen Epulum Horizontal Aluminum Railing System on a residential property in Fort Myers, FL.
Green Oxen Epulum Horizontal Aluminum Railing System on a residential property in Fort Myers, FL.

This waterfront home in Fort Myers, FL has 3,500 linear feet of our horizontal aluminum railing and is the fundamental finishing touch on this contemporary style home. These curved horizontal aluminum railings provide an unobstructed barrier around the deck and were made specifically for this project.

As you walk onto the deck, you come upon an incredible, one-of-a-kind, serene pool that resembles one of a high-end luxury hotel.  It is a feature of the home that includes palm trees and a walkway that floats across the pool to the Jacuzzi area.

Pool looking in

Inside the home, you find a 222 bottle wine cellar equipped with its own compressor to keep the temperature at whatever degree necessary for the wine and a collection of fine glass that has been collected over the years from the homeowner’s travels to France, Italy and China.

The view from the inside looking out is unimpeded by our modern aluminum railing and compliments the fine elements of this high-end, modern home.

Green Oxen Epulum modern railing view from the inside

Ron Kopko, is the interior designer who found Green Oxen and designed the railing with our team of engineers.  After speaking to the owner of the home, we asked her, “what was an important aspect of working with us”? Her reply was, “Green Oxen offers a green product and is eco-friendly.” It was a pleasure being part of this residential project and adding to its beauty and property value with our modern and sustainable railing.

Why risk project outcomes? Know what you’re getting with Green Oxen.