The Versatility of Green Oxen Railing

You might be thinking, “modern horizontal railings don’t fit in with my property aesthetic”. Let’s break the stigma of “modern” real quick. We use “modern” to describe what the Epulum Railing looks like on its own. When it’s placed into a project, the railing transforms. It’s pretty amazing to see actually. Our railing does not limit the project, it compliments and elevates it. We’ve seen the railing fit perfectly into different style homes including farmhouse, coastal, craftsman, colonial, Mediterranean, ranch-style, and more. That’s quite the versatile railing!

Sometimes railing is an afterthought to a remodel or new build, let’s be honest. It’s true, railings tend to be a part of the final thought process, which is unfortunate because they make such a wonderful statement and should be highlighted. Green Oxen railing adds property value with high-quality, carefully-crafted, aluminum railing. No longer are homeowners stuck with the cheap option that is offered over and over again and need to be replaced shortly after installation. We designed the Epulum Railing because a modular system with a modern aesthetic that lasts simply did not exist.

Railings are a major design element on any project and our goal was to offer something just beyond ubiquitous. We wanted to frame the intended architecture in something both timeless and modern, and we wanted to do it in an easy-to-install and sustainable way. Epulum Railing can also enhance LEED projects as its recycled content is high and has unmatched recyclability.

We are here to offer our customers a premium, unique, and memorable solution to their railing needs. Our engineers are available to guide you through the process of selecting and specifying a system to suit your structure. Give us a call or write us an email and let us answer your questions.

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