Green Oxen’s Epulum Aluminum Railings Has Both Style and Substance

Since it was first used as a major construction component in the Empire State Building in the 1930s, aluminum has been one of the most popular construction materials in the United States. In the 21st century, aluminum is more important than ever, with aluminum railing and siding becoming the material of choice for many outdoor structures. The Epulum aluminum railings from Green Oxen highlights both the beauty and functionality of aluminum, such as:

Corrosion Resistance

When you build an outdoor structure, you worry about the effect the environment will have on the materials. Wood fades and cracks over time. Stone chips and breaks. Other metals can rust and fall apart.

Aluminum has none of the problems of these other materials. The metal is naturally resistant to oxidation and other corrosive measures, which means your Green Oxen aluminum railings will look like new for many years after installation. The resistance properties of aluminum are especially noticeable in humid weather or areas with a marine wind.

Highly Recyclable

Unlike other metals, which lose strength and quality with each melting, aluminum maintains its integrity when recycled. The high recyclability of aluminum is one of the many reasons why aluminum is considered a green material for building projects and adheres to the LEED standard for construction.

In addition, aluminum is easy to melt and requires much less energy to recycle than other popular construction metals. These characteristics make the recycling of aluminum affordable and attractive.


Aluminum is a clean metal that looks great bare or painted. Leave the metal untreated and the reflective surface adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to your outdoor structures; paint the aluminum railinsg and you have a railing that catches the eye and stands out from the rest of your deck.

Paint on aluminum does not rust with minor blemishes in the paint and does not need constant maintenance to keep its appearance. The railing can even resist smudging and other incidental damage that can make your railing look worn out.

Green Oxen

Epulum aluminum railings from Green Oxen is a modular, customizable railing system that fits any deck or outdoor structure. The railing comes in 5 foot segments, with multiple mounting options that allow you to choose how you want your deck to look. Mounting kits enable you to complete the installation on your own, while Green Oxen offers an in-home installation. Contact Green Oxen to learn more about their railings and products.