Epulum Railing + AquaVue

Featuring eight sophisticated waterfront residences with private boat slips, AquaVue is modern living in paradise. Reserve your new home today and enjoy sleek waterfront living on the Intracoastal Waterway with breathtaking downtown skyline views, just minutes from Las Olas Boulevard and Fort Lauderdale Beach.

modern railing for condos

Epulum Railing by Green Oxen added the modern, elegant accent to the condominium and is a perfect choice because of style and functionality. The railing is weather-resistant and if damage does occur because of a hurricane or large storm, the railing is modular so a damaged section can be easily replaced.

When construction is complete Green Oxen will bring photos and video of how the project was completed.

For more information on Fort Lauderdale’s AquaVue

hurricane railing

When Hurricane Irma made landfall in the United States, the Florida Keys were hit first and suffered the worst damage in the country. The September 2017 storm first hit Cudjoe key at category 4 hurricane wind speeds of close to 150 mph and an estimated storm surge of 10 feet. The storm was massive and pummeled the keys with 12 inches of rain, heavy wind and even tornadoes were reported. With a number of customers of Epulum modern railing in the Keys, Green Oxen reached out to recent customers to see how they and their home fared. One customer sent these photos of their home and expressed how impressed they were with Epulum railing’s weather resistance.

hurricane railing
hurricane aluminum stair railing
hurricane railing

The house is directly next to the ocean and sustained damage to the land and building. The Epulum Railing on their balcony and stairs that externally connect the two floors is in “excellent condition”. The home owner also noted “haven’t seen a scratch or corrosion of any kind.”

hurricane railing

Another customer in Florida noted that they expected the railing to vibrate with the high winds, but was surprised how “steady” and “unmoving” the Epulum Railing handled the storm.

Rebuilding is difficult but Green Oxen wants to help the damaged areas, especially in the Florida Keys. If your home or business is located in The Florida Keys or other areas affected by Hurricane Irma and you are interested in Epulum Railing, please call Green Oxen to hear of special offers and guarantees.

keys railing
hurricane railing

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